Work from home insurance

We got you and your devices covered! Insure up to RM15,000 and work from home with peace of mind.


What's great about work from home insurance coverage by Senang?

Basic Package


Covers up to RM 3,000.00 of electronic device value

Basic+ Package


Covers up to RM 5,000.00 of electronic device value

Pro Package


Covers up to RM 10,000.00 of electronic device value

Pro+ Package


Covers up to RM 15,000.00 of electronic device value

PDS - Equipment All Risk Frequently Asked Questions PDS - Personal All Risk
How does our 3-step claim process works?

Step 1 - Login into Senang claim system and fill in the claim incident and submit the supporting documents including the repair quotation. we will email you the claim reference number within 48 hours

Step 2- Once claim is approved within 7 working days, you have an option to choose whether iFull makes the repair or third party makes the repair

Step 3 - Submit the e-payment form to the insurance company. Payment will be credited into your account within 14 working days from date of submission of e-payment form

Claim documents listing
How to get started?

1) Fill in your details

2) Choose the package you need

3) Key in your electronic item details

4) Enter location details

5) Make the payment through our various payment channels

6) You will receive and email confirmation within 15 minutes from time of payment is made and login details to access into the Senang system

7) The insurance policy will be e-mailed to the registered email within 14 working days from date of purchase

How do I insure my electronic devices?

1) Specify the type of item, model name and serial number

2) Enter the item value

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